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Ånäset, with its beautiful surroundings, is situated 45 minutes distance in between the two biggest cities of Västerbotten, Umeå and Skellefteå You know when you are there!! The biggest cheeseslicers in the world are standing like a gate to Ånäset and the countryside district at the E4
The big number of stone cairns, the magnificent monuments from the past, show that there have been people here since 1500 B.C. This is an area with a lot of archaeological remains for those who are interested in studying the past
The beautiful white wood church was finished in 1710, one of the few in Sweden from that period. A well known Swedish church man, Carl Olof Rosenius, was born in Ånäset 1816. His house is still intact and standing close to the church - Roseniusgården
The former court house – Tingshuset, was rebuilt in 1903 used as that until 1981. It is today used as a local culture house. Here you can arrange wedding parties, birthdays and other activities in a historical environment and a grand atmosphere.
In the southern part of Ånäset is Stenfors Gård located. It is an old farm founded by the entrepreneur Johan Olof Rydin. Today you can find a lot of different activities here. A restaurant and café with specialities from the Swedish kitchen. And a big expogarden with a lot of different fauna from northern Sweden and also from other places.
Stenfors Loppis & Antik is a fleamarket with both antiquities and other interesting things to buy.On a hill just south of Stenfors is Galgbacken located. In the past it is said to have been a gallow hill, but today it is an open air museum. During July it is open daily and they have a big local festival on the 4th Sunday in July. The days before the local shop owners have their days in Ånäset with a lot of mixed activities and an outdoor bar with live music.

Ostens lager – a storage facility for our ”worlds famous cheese” Wästerbotten. The area has both the storage and also a visitor spot with a café and a little cheese shop. This is a really interesting place worth a visit.


We have a camping, Lufta. They have cottages for rent, a restaurant, miniature golf and a nice temperate outdoor pool area with a classical long waterslide. Many companies arrange conferences in these facilities.
In the center of Ånäset you can find sport areas for football, outdoor ice hockey rink, sport hall and lighted tracks for running and skiing. There are also shooting clubs for both rifles and pistols in the village.
There are also a lot of lakes with planted fish for sport fishing. But you need to buy a card for that fishing. You can also do sport fishing out on the coastal area without a license
Another “quite exotic adventure” is to go out in the forests picking wild berries and mushrooms in August and September.
In the winter time, it is time to experience the thrill of real snow, so cross country and downhill skiing is the thing to do, also the thrill of driving a "snowmobile" over the open landscape is something that is never forgotten.
As you can see Ånäset is worth a visit !
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